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We manufacture and guide you to the right audio equipment for your exact needs. And offer the best value products for their budget and performance.

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IP Network Amplifier

High-performance IP network amplifiers explore the world of high-quality sound with our emerging line of IP network systems. Featuring an efficient public address power amplifier design, these systems ensure undistorted sound propagation across large spaces. Capable of managing extensive networking technologies, our amplifiers offer reliable performance, high power capacity, and superior audio clarity. Dive deep into the immersive sound experience with our PA amps.

Clean+Clear+ Reliable Design at Affordable Prices

We use new switched-mode amplifiers with consistent and reliable high-power output. They have excellent analog amplifier technology with an innovative circuit diagram.

Pro Audio Amplifiers

Immerse into a rich and dynamic sound ambiance with our advanced Professional Power Amplifiers. Designed to deliver immaculate audio quality, these amps are the epitome of power coupled with precision. Setting a new standard for audio excellence, these amplifiers are built with robust safety features that ensure longevity without compromising on high sound output. Their high power and low distortion levels provide consistent audio performance, making them the ideal choice for reinforcing your sound system in various professional settings- from live show entertainment to high-fidelity studio recording.

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We Made For You,With Great Attention to Detail

We are a group of audio product designers, engineers, and marketers who have been in the consumer electronics industry for a long time.

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Stereo Small Amplifiers

These stereo commercial small amplifiers have two speaker outputs: a constant resistance of 4-16Ω, and a constant voltage of 70 V/100 V. Besides, the work voltage DC12 V or AC110/220 V is optional.

Customize Your Unique Needs

Our products can be tailored and made to order in custom sizes and custom colors. With great attention to detail and respect for lead time, all audio products are designed, engineered, and manufactured in our factory.

Power Sequencer

This power sequencer frees your system from bulky, inconvenient equipment and distributes AC power to multiple circuits simply and safely, allowing your A/V system to perform at its best.

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Standardized Production Management

Our skilled manufacturing team produce the best quality products by the complete manufacture facilities, production test and aging.

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PA Amplifiers

Our PA Amplifier is the ideal public address power amplifier for organizations that require impeccable audio quality for their meetings, events, or conferences. This top-tier amplifier ensures seamless sound transmission, providing a crisp, clear sound that can fill a large room without any distortion. The product has been specially designed with a plethora of features including multiple inputs, built-in Bluetooth compatibility, as well as an efficient cooling system that allows long hours of optimal performance. Invest in superior sound quality, with our Professional PA system.

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