4 channel amplifier

4 Channel Amplifier

As one of leading 4 channel amplifier manufacturer,LayviKay specializes in producing stage amplifier such as 2 channel,3 channel and 4 channel,which has perfect high-frequency resolution extension and nice mid-frequency,also with powerful low-frequency shock.
All of them have built-in protection circuits,with overload,output DC and power-on delay protection functions.
These power amplifiers are designed with new technology to improve the efficiency of amplification. Meanwhile,the fan speed can be controlled automatically and the temperature rise can be adjusted intelligently.
Contact our sales team and tell us your needs,we are happy to recommend you the most suitable products.

  • Stereo Output(8Ω):2x350W+2x350W
  • Stereo Output(4Ω):2x500W+2x500W
  • Size:482x400x88.5(mm)
  • Weight:23KG
  •  Stereo Output(8Ω):2x500W+2x500W
  • Stereo Output(4Ω):2x650W+2x650W
  • Size:482x492x132.5(mm)
  • Weight:25KG
  •  Stereo Output(8Ω):2x600W+2X600W
  • Stereo Output(4Ω):2x850W+2x850W
  • Size:482x492x132.5(mm)
  • Weight:25KG

4 Channel Amplifier Specification

  • Freq. Resp.:20Hz-20kHz@(0/-0.25dB)
  • THD<0.05%@1kHz, 10%Rated Power
  • IMD<0.1%@60Hz/7kHz, 10%Rated Power
  • Damping Coefficient>400:1@1kHz,8ohms
  • Crosstalk Between Channels:>80dB@8Ω 1kHz
  • S/N Ratio:>110dB(A)
  • Switching rate>60V/us
  • Input Impedance:10kΩ(unbalanced inputs )/20kΩ(balanced inputs)
  • Input Sensitivity:0.775V/1.0V/1.4V
  • Working Temperature -10℃~40℃
  • Storage Temperature-30℃ ~85℃
  • Input Socket:XLR Male/XLR Female
  • Output Socket:NEUTRIK(NL4.+1.-1)/ Anti-touch terminals
  • Work Volt:AC110-220V/50-60Hz

Different order quantities, shipping methods and parameter requirements will be different prices, please contact our sales for the most accurate quotation.

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