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——by audio lovers,for music fanatics

Hangzhou Kaiji Electronics Co.,ltd is a family-owned company special in manufacturing power amplifiers,loudspeakers,power sequencers and lighting products.Our initial factory was located in Shenzhou city,where was an audio parts manufacturing regional center started from nineties,last century.Considering the further development of the business,our factory was moved from Shenzhou to Hangzhou at 2012.

Our products are extensible, easy-to-use, neutral, and works with your existing system, so you’re free to choose the best solution for now and the future.

As the obligate and trusted manufacturer in developing superior audio system products, Kaiji Electronics provides OEM/ODM service to help the customer grow their business in their area.

We are customer-centric company focus on manufacturing affordable, innovatory, and durable audio products.

Our main products are 2CH/3CH/4CH pro power amplifiers,public address power amplifiers,power sequencers and loudspeakers.

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As an ISO9001:2008 manufacturer of audio products, we have complete laboratory testers and manufacturing facilities ensure the products safe and excellent quality.


Our Mission

We’re here for you, from always-on customer support to all kinds of audio equipment developed for every use case

Create Continuous Value to Our Clients

Continuously maintain product competitiveness and strive for sufficient market space for our cients.

Provide Premium Products, Enhance Service Satisfaction

Provide cost-effective audio products to enhance consumer shopping experience and satisfaction.

Contribute to the Sound Filed Innovation

Focusing on the application of new materials and technologies to promote continuous development and innovation in sound sector.

Choose The Best Technology for Now and The Future

Get products with excellent performance today, or get in touch with our team to discuss your unique needs.