ip network amplifier

IP Network Amplifier

  • 6 Zones Independent Control
  • Power and Clip LED Indicator
  • 1 audio signal auxiliary output
  • 5 signal inputs (2 microphones+3 routes)
  • Built-in FM radio and Bluetooth compatible
  • LCD Touch Screen Display,SD Card/USB Audio Input
  • Constant Voltage + Constant Resistance Dual Functions
  • Cooling fan is active with intelligent temperature control
  • MIC1 input automatically mutes the signal of other channels
  • Perfect output short-circuit protection and over-temperature protection function
  • Rated Power:120W
  • Rated Output Current: 0.9A@70V;0.6A@100V
  • Power Consumption: 200VA
  • Size:482x330x88mm
  • Weight:9.3KG
  • Rated Power:250W
  • Rated Output Current: 2.2A@70V;1.5A@100V
  • Power Consumption: 400VA
  • Size:482x330x88mm
  • Weight:12KG
  • Rated Power:350W
  • Rated Output Current: 3.6A@70V;2.5A@100V
  • Power Consumption: 550VA
  • Size:482x380x88mm
  • Weight:14.5KG
  • Rated Power:500W
  • Rated Output Current: 5.0A@70V;3.5A@100V
  • Power Consumption: 800VA
  • Size:482x380x88mm
  • Weight:15.7KG
  • Rated Power:700W
  • Rated Output Current: 6.5A@70V;4.5A@100V
  • Power Consumption: 950VA
  • Size:482x380x88mm
  • Weight:17.3KG

IP Network Amplifier Specification

  • Network Interface:Rj45
  • Transmission Rate:100Mbps
  • Support Agreements:TCP/IP;UDP;IGMP(broadcast)
  • Audio Format:MP3/MP2
  • Audio Mode:16-bit Stereo CD Sound Quality
  • Sample Rate:8K to 48K
  • Bit Rate:8K to 512Kbps
  • Line Out Output
  • Level:775mV,2 lotus seats
  • Line Out Output Impedance:470Ω
  • Aux Input Sensitivity:470 mV(non-balanced)
  • MIC Input Sensitivity:5 to 10 mV(non-balanced)
  • Equalizer:250Hz;500Hz;1KHz;8KHz±12dB
  • Bass Tone:±12dB(100Hz)
    Treble Tone:±12dB(10KHz)
  • AC Power Supply: AC110V/220V/50-60Hz
  • Standby Power Consumption:<3W
  • Freq. Resp.:60Hz-18kHz@(0/-0.25dB)
  • THD<0.5%@1kHz, 10%Rated Power
  • S/N Ratio:>88dB(A)
  • Working Temperature -10℃~40℃
  • Storage Temperature-30℃ ~85℃


  • Support for 1000 levels of custom audio priority mute control
  • Support for PSTN telephone broadcasting and SMS voice broadcasting
  • Networked transmission of audio signals with 16-bit stereo CD sound quality
  • Support for cell phone WIFI on-demand and wireless remote control on-demand
  • Support 15KV ESD protection,built-in network isolation lightning treaetment circuit
  • 1 PC download IP address serial port for modifying IP address of network decoding module
  • Built-in 1-way network hardware audio decoding module, supporting TCP/IP; UDP; IGMP (multicast) protocols
  • Support for server unified authorization operation management function, unified configuration of management users and passwords
  • Support DHCP, compatible with any network structure such as router, switch, bridge gateway, Modem, Internet, 2G, 3G, 4G, multicast, unicast, etc

IP Network Amplifier Inner

IP audio amplifier inner

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